DJ Hall of Fame creator Marty Angelo about 'legends of vinyl' AFFAIR !!

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DJ Hall of Fame creator Marty Angelo 
wrote special letter about 'legends of vinyl' AFFAIR !!

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To be a disco DJ and play american music here in Poland when communist time - was real life risk for me. Not so much pleasure and good bizz as for west / free world DJs !!

Secret political Police (SB) killed many people for smallest reason. Why I'm alive ? Well maybe I'm lucky or God saved me of His reason and way ? - - ->> or they (SB) thought (because lack of knowledge, informations, etc.) DJ work not any danger for communism ... But today we know DJs work and discos changed some / many young Poles mind and they fall in love to other style of life than communists want for them :-)))))

Anyway Americans (USA President, Music Bizz, Media, Record Companies, DJ's, etc.) should give me special award and serious FUND for all I did for spread, popularise american music, culture and style of life in Poland and put my small brick to build freedom here - same what Mr. Walensa did but he did much bigger size / scale ofcourse.

Place for my name in any 'DJ Hall of Fame' is nothing compare to what I deserve in fact / in real !!

Marty Angelo - real and true 'DJ Hall of Fame' creator understand above perfect way BUT not 'orelana' and his bunch of ignorants of 'crap legends of vinyl' !!

They treat me as piece of sh*t instead of to honour me best possible way if I'm still alive (65) ...

the only, real and true - FIRST EVER - DJ Hall of Fame:

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